Are you running a retail store chain in India ?

You need a centralized ERP, POS, Webstore &
Mobile Apps in a single integrated solution


A low cost open source ERP & POS solution
ready-to-use for retail stores

High speed-accurate-easy-to-use

A revolution to your retail store business

Your business should be your dream, where it not only makes you richer but also happier.

Jaldi, with a faster access to information for decision making, makes you to sit back, relax and watch your dream turn to reality.

Jaldi ERP is a simple, secure and open source based solution specifically designed for super stores retail business with road map clearly defined.

How does it work?

Jaldi's unique benefits

Jaldi is designed based on work flow process and flexible user interface and hence transforming your on-demand business should not have any other impact. The other unique benefits of jaldi include.

  1. Data migration from any legacy system : Don’t worry about the data transfer. Our expert team will do it in 7 working days
  2. Always on mode : Continue processing payments and orders to keep businesses up and running even when the internet or power is out.
  3. Direct savings on license cost : Since Jaldi is on open source, you can have a direct savings on license cost.
  4. Alert/Notifications : Any alerts can be configured and scheduled, anytime

Jaldi features to run & grow your business

Data Migration
Data Migration from any legacy database is possible
Multiwarehouse stock management, Wastage tracking
POS System
Refund & Exchange Multi-Hold & Retrieve
User/Role based logins, Audit viewer, User wise reports
Bar-coded Purchase Order, GRN Margin based Sp calculation
Promotion price, Free item secured bill discount
Basic reports, advanced reports alerts by e-mails
Automatic backup and restore scheduler with multiple data