Jaldi Faq

How much does Jaldi POS cost?

The initial implementation cost for Jaldi is $15000 / 90 days. This includes all the changes that you configurations, customization, and other enhancements that you might require as part of the Go Live process. Once the application goes live, the support cost will be $2000 / month. The Hardware cost will be additional.

Can Jaldi POS be hosted on Cloud?

Jaldi POS comes up with 2 different options. One is desktop based solution and another is a browser based application. The browser based application can be hosted on cloud and accessed with an internet connect using a browser.

I’m a very busy person, how much time does it take to set up Jaldi POS?

It really depends on how many products you have and how busy you are. Some merchants complete the process within a couple of hours, but if you have tons of SKUs and not a lot of free time, it could take weeks. We do understand that time is money for entrepreneurs, so in order to make set-up as quick and painless as possible, we recommend that you prepare CSV/Excel files of the following before starting the process:

  • List of all products, batches
  • List of prices and tax information
  • List of SKUs or barcodes
  • List of Customers
  • List of Vendors

If you need someone to walk you through the process, just get in touch with us and support staff can assist you. Tenth Planet also offers professional services that include hands-free setup (where we take care of everything, including migrating products and customers) and one-to-one training. Contact us for more information.

I want to use Jaldi POS on an iPad, is it going to work for me?

Jaldi POS can be used in different devices as it is built as a responsive application with touch facility. You will be able to access our application using the web-URL.

I’m not a techie person, will I have a hard time migrating my products and customers to Jaldi POS?

It shouldn’t be that difficult if you know your way around CSV files and importing tools. Jaldi POS lets you add your products one-by-one and we also have a CSV/Excel import functionality if you want to add products in bulk.

I’m already comfortable with my current POS system, is Jaldi POS really a better option?

Most people who switch to Jaldi POS never look back. Retail Businesses love the software’s user-friendly and intuitive interface, as well as its features and integrations.

However, we understand that each business is unique and not all tools may be a good fit for you. That’s why we invite you to take a demo of our software and see if it meets your needs.

Finally, you can always talk to our functional consultants for any specific questions or concerns and they’ll help you decide if Jaldi POS really is right for you.

I love our accounting software, does it integrate with Jaldi POS?

Jaldi POS comes up its integrated ERP package already. If you still want to continue with your existing accounting software, Jaldi POS is built based on Open Standards so integrating it with your accounting software will be easy and quick.

I don’t like to get stuck if I have questions, can I call your support team any time?

We wouldn’t want you to get to get stuck either. Fortunately, Jaldi POS support is available both via email and Phone. You can call us or send an email with your queries and our dedicated support team will get back to you within 24 hours with the required clarifications.

I don’t have a reliable Internet connection; can I still make Jaldi POS work for me?

Even without a reliable internet connection, Jaldi POS can be up and running so that you don’t miss out on any of your daily sales. Jaldi is a robust and reliable POS system that can work both online and offline. When there is no network connection, the system automatically switches to the offline mode. Once network is back, the sales transactions are automatically synchronized to the server.

I have thousands of existing printed barcodes from my old POS, can I use these with Jaldi POS?

Yes. Existing barcodes can be scanned into the SKU field in the product page, so you won’t have to generate new ones from scratch.

I have an online store; will Jaldi POS integrate with it?

Yes; Jaldi POS is integrated with online web store. We have packaged it in such a way, either you can opt for the web store or no need to opt. Jaldi POS can also talk to other ecommerce solutions via integration services. It might cost a little extra, though.

You can also discuss your ecommerce situation with the Jaldi POS support staff or one of our certified experts.

I have more than one store; will Jaldi POS work for me?

Yes, indeed. Jaldi POS works great for retail businesses with multiple locations and it makes it easy to manage your inventory, staff and customer information across all your stores.

We will maintain a common server to manage the master configurations from HQ server. This information will be synchronized to the different locations at period intervals so you get a centralized control over all locations that you have.

I need someone to come over and set up my POS system. Does Jaldi POS do “onsite support”?

We get it. You want to run your business and not get disturbed with technical information. We have our own Jaldi POS support team who can visit your place, set up the POS system and educate you and your employees on how to use it. That way, you can focus less on the technicalities and concentrate more on the business.

We provide both onsite and or offshore support. To minimize the cost of implementation and support, the majority of our work gets done offshore, and during the initial requirements gathering and towards the go live deployment onsite presence is provided. Further system users are also well trained to do the basic support and maintenance. However, Tenth Planet will continue to support the customer on an ongoing basis.

I want to see Jaldi POS in action, can you arrange for a demo for me?

Please drop an email or contact us over phone mentioning about the demo. We will get in touch with you with a ready-made demo within 48 business hours.

I like Jaldi POS but don’t know where to start, what should I do next?

Talk to us! Really. We’d be happy to discuss your questions or concerns so you can make the right decision.

But the best and sure-fire way to determine if Jaldi POS is a good fit for your business is trying it out for yourself. We can setup a demo environment for you quickly and you can go through the same to understand the application better.

What hardware will I need?

Jaldi POS can run both on Windows and Linux operating systems, for Linux especially Ubuntu, Cent OS servers.

It also supports Zebra GX420T sticker printer, Epson tm-t88v receipt printer, Cash Bases Slim line cash drawer via the receipt printer.

What are the softwares that are required to be installed?

For the DESKTOP solution the following softwares are only required. Server:

  • OS: Supports Windows, Linux (Ubuntu)
  • Database: PostgreSQL greater than version 9.0
  • Java: JDK 1.6 or 1.7
  • POS Terminals:

  • Java: JDK 1.6 or 1.7

For the CLOUD solution the following softwares are only required.


  • OS: Ubuntu 14.04 and above
  • Database: PostgreSQL
  • POS Terminals:

  • Only a browser is enough