Jaldi features

Point of Sales - Speed with accuracy

  • Robust and sleek online or desktop based POS
  • Quick order entry for regular and unanimous customers
  • Multiple Hold & Retrieve options
  • Manage Refund transactions easily and quickly
  • Option to change customers anytime till payment
  • User configurable bill number generation
  • Intuitive color based identity for offers, non batched items


  • Track inventory by item categories and stores in real time
  • Cycle count and update stock quickly, easily and periodically for accurate inventory
  • Update inventory by importing info
  • Instant stock entry using HHT in the send/receive floors
  • HHT based stock transfers between 2 warehouses
  • Scanning and printing of bar codes via HHT
  • Multi division, multi location stock maintenance
Inventory change

Promotions – run targeted campaigns

  • Run different kinds of promotions based on customer categories
  • Price Promotion, Free Item Promotion, Issue of Coupons, Bill discount
  • Slab-wise promotions, Attribute based promotions
  • Combi Offers, select highest discount % to customer comparing multiple promotion percentages

Procurement – 3-way matching PO vs. GRN vs. Invoice

  • Bar coded PO, GRN, Purchase Return, Automatic reorder
  • Margin based Selling Price calculation for maintaining the profit margin
  • Improved efficiency upon direct vendor return generation from GRN itself
  • Automatic product batch generation during GRN receipt
  • Multi item selection with filter & analysis for quick and easy PO generation
  • Weighing scale product generation
  • Take necessary action against vendors based on PO & GRN fill rates

CRM & Loyalty Programs – create repeat, loyal customers

  • Create customer profiling and understand customer preferences
  • Pull new and repeated customers
  • Manage customers based on categories
  • Reward loyal customers and increase sale
  • Provide credit to customers handle credit sales efficiently
  • Initiate loyalty programs, award points and reward
  • Automated price list selection based on Customer

Multi Store POS Management – centralized control

  • Central management of all stores
  • Centralized configuration of products, prices, taxes configuration to avoid data redundancy and better control
  • Monitoring of store-wise sales, purchase, and inventory from a central location
  • ​​Centralized viewing of all store performance on the web anytime, anywhere, any device
  • Accurate inventory transfers between and within stores
  • Supports multi-company, multi division, multi-location, and multi-taxes
  • Stock management and transfer
Multistore Management

Reports – right decision at right time

  • User defined Report Scheduler
  • On-Demand Report scheduler
  • 50 + reports
  • Sales for any period, sales returns, product margin pending quotation can be quickly accessed
  • ​Inventory analysis report​ for identifying low or high stocked items
  • ​Compare product margins across locations

Utilities – reduce administrator overload

  • ​Online/offline billing
  • Automatic backup and restore
  • Archive history data periodically for better system performance
  • Offline/Online Sync can be scheduled and/or on demand

Security – increased accountability, remove fraud and pilferage

  • ​User/Role based logins
  • Secured bill cancel and bill discount
  • Role based menu access, record level read-write access features
  • Audit viewer and logs
  • User/Role based Gate Keeping Margin, Draft records viewing
  • Chip and pin card payment processing

Data Migration - Quick & easy from any legacy system

  • Data Migration from any legacy database is possible
  • ​Data can be imported in different formats like CSV, Excel
  • ​Configurable import templates for different data load

Integration – open architecture, standards

  • ​Build an easy and efficient system by integrating with Accounts
  • ​Integrate with HHT, SMS for inventory processing, instant alerts
  • ​Integrate with Loyalty, credit card, e-Commerce and more for improved sales
  • ​Integration with Cash Drawers, PIN Devices, printers for better compatibility and usability
Pos Integration

Responsive Website

  • Seamless access in all devices like desktop, mobile and tablets
  • Device friendly and browser friendly UI
  • Designed to ensure the store and products look as good on a desktop computer as well in customers mobile phones
  • Keeping your store design modern and in-line with current design trends
  • Increasing your business reach to tablet and mobile audiences
  • Increase your business visibility in search engines
Responsive Website

Product/Store/Catalog Management

  • Efficient management of more than 50,000+ products through the dashboard
  • Managing users, product, orders, and catalog in single screen
  • Add as many products under one category or menu and provide various options with it
  • Multiple categories and sub categories gives easy filtering and navigation options
  • Quickly add products to your store, select images sizes for catalogue, single product and thumbnails
User/Product/Order/Store/Catalog Management

Order Management

  • Merchants can easily manage orders and change sub-order status
  • Admin can see and manage all orders
  • Track Order's status as to it has been delivered, cancelled, delayed etc. along with comments
  • Collection of recipes for customers. Add/Edit/Modify the recipes from admin side
  • Use coupon and get either fixed or percentage discount
  • Create as many coupons as you want
User/Product/Order/Store/Catalog Management

Catalog/Wish list

  • Customer can add/remove the products to their wish list
  • Customer can add product from their wish list to cart in a single step
Catalog/Wish list

Product Live Search

  • Product Live search will make the ordering process easy
  • Search for the specific product with keywords, instead of going through all the products
Product Live Search

Checkout and Payment

  • Hassle-free as well as secured payment gateway integration
  • Checkout made easy with user friendly one-page checkout
  • Pre-installed payment gateways: Choose from five pre-installed gateways
  • List of Payment gateways including: Direct Bank Transfer, Cheque Payment, Cash on Delivery, Credit/Debit card payments
  • Auto-complete address suggestion while typing Billing & Shipping Addresses
Checkout and Payment

User Management

  • Manage all users Add/Edit/Delete
  • View/Edit their order history, profile information, address book etc
  • Improved experience for store owners
  • Separate role for store manager who can able to manage the product and price
Checkout and Payment

Product ratings/Product reviews

  • Build trust for your store with product ratings and review options
  • Increase customer interaction with your store
Product ratings/Product reviews

Multiple landing pages & Promotion Banners

  • ​Customized landing pages and banners as per the audience / season / offers
  • Switch between multiple landing pages as per your business promotion needs

Product Template (List/grid view, Page layout)

  • ​Custom tailored product template pages
  • Fast loading speeds
  • Different layouts depending upon the user needs
Product Template

Quick Cart view

  • ​Ordering process made easier with Quick Cart View
  • ​Add/Remove Products from cart easily
  • ​Increase user experience by avoiding to and fro navigation between cart and product catalog pages
Quick Cart view

Coupons & Rewards Points

  • ​Customisable coupons and reward points system
  • ​Create/Manage/Delete coupons efficiently through the dashboard
Coupons & Rewards Points

Analytics and Reporting

  • ​All insights about your store using our analytics and reporting feature
  • ​KPI's designed in business centric aspect
  • ​Various reports like sales, orders, commission, ad packages etc. with date filters can be generated
  • Sales reports can show both net and gross amounts you’ve earned​
  • ​It includes sales orders, traffic and an at-a-glance status summary window
  • Gain insight into your products and orders. Track sales and growth trends
Analytics and Reporting


  • ​Bulit-In CMS for adding/editing information pages like About Us, Privacy Policy etc. and Blog too
  • ​Integrated eCommerce with the world's favourite blogging platform
Analytics and Reporting


  • ​Keeping your data independent of any third party software platform gives you complete control of your business and future
  • It's also a safer experience for your customers, as the only person they share their personal information with is you
  • Followed best practices and coding standards, and is kept secure and up-to-date
Analytics and Reporting

Mobile Product Catalogue

  • Glossy, visually-appealing electronic catalogue
  • Simple, configurable, group & downloadable product types
  • Product Zoom, Product List Sorting, Out of Stock Label with Product Listing
  • Browse the Product catalogue using any mobile device
  • Easy-to-use admin system to update the catalogue
  • All catalogue changes are immediately visible on all mobile devices the next time they sync
  • Any changes on the website to the Product categories, Catalog updates, Orders and Customers profile are reflected onto your shopping app

User Account Management

  • ​Registration, Log In/Log Out
  • ​Personalized settings
  • ​My Order Page, My Profile Page
  • ​Purchase history
  • ​​ Add favorite products by clicking on the corresponding button to a special list called Wish list
  • ​Build lists of items that they need or want for special occasions, including weddings, birthdays
  • ​Enhances control on outlet operations

Real-Time Synchronization

  • ​Quick and supports the large volume of products
  • ​Implementation of fast loading technology
  • ​The application automatically syncs with the database real-time
  • ​Identical feel, similar to your eCommerce store
  • ​It will help your customers to view all the pages of your store in your mobile app

Mobile Orders and Mobile Payments

  • Secure and easy to use and authorized payment gateways
  • Shoppers can add items to their shopping cart
  • Process payments using PayPal, credit card or via an in-app store payment